Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hello all. We will be at the Brody House tomorrow playing Secret Service...

Following find what we need for you to bring for your role as a Background Player.

VP SECRET SERVICE AGENTS should bring options of dark suits, preferably black, navy and grey. They should be relatively plain, as in no bold pinstripes or plaids. Subtle versions of these may be acceptable. If you have more than one dark suit please bring them all so that we may make the decision as to which one is best.

You should also bring either white or cream colored, long sleeve dress shirts. Please bring dark, simple ties. These can be in navy, black, brown, dk green, etc. They should not have much contrast between the colors. They do not have to be solid, just no vivid patterns with a great deal of contrast.

Don't forget your black dress shoes and dress belt to complete the outfit.

Thanks in advance for bringing the right stuff. We look forward to meeting you. See you on the set!

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