Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND and thanks for joining us. Following you will find all the things that we would like you to bring for your work as Background Players for the photo shoot tomorrow, Tues, 9/27

JANINE/DIPLOMAT'S DAUGHTER The look for this girl is conservative. She is a law student and comes from a family with money. She is definitely western and does not dress with any traditional influences from her native Saudi. You should bring several options of casual clothing to include nice, non-ripped jeans, khakis, skirts, simple conservative blouses in button front and pullover. Also please bring any blazers that could be worn with jeans and the tops that you bring. Don't forget the shoes that will work with your choices. Nothing too sexy. Jewelry should be simple and understated.

VIP MAN should bring dark business suit options. Several options of shirts including a white or cream and any other colored shirts that you may have. Ties should be somewhat simple in pattern but can certainly have color. Don't forget your dress shoes and belts.

BATHHOUSE MEN Will be given some elements from the costume department. You should all bring with you a bathrobe and a pair of flip-flops or shower shoes or something like that you can take off and on easily. The robe and the slippers are not for the camera, but are for your comfort and modesty, therefore it does not matter what they look like.

Thanks for bringing all the good stuff tomorrow and we look forward to meeting you all. See you on the set!!

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