Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hello all. Thanks for joining us. Following you will find the instructions for the things that we would like you to bring tomorrow for playing in the CIA HEADQUARTERS.

The season is Summer but we would prefer the softer more muted colors of Spring, rather than the bolder, brighter colors of summer. Solid colors are fine and texture and pattern are good, as long as it is not too large or busy.

CIA AGENT & CIA ANALYST should both bring options of business suits with shirts/blouses and ties as well as more casual clothing like long sleeve casual button front shirts, slacks and skirts and dresses. Don't forget the shoes that are appropriate for all your choices, and your belts.

ADMIN TYPE should bring a selection of nice casual clothing to include slacks, skirts, long and short sleeve nice button front blouses/shirts, and light sweaters. Jewelry and other accessories should be small and simple. Don't forget the appropriate shoes for your choices.

Thanks in advance for bringing the good stuff. See you on the set!!

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