Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us on HOMELAND. Many of you will be returning and know the drill, some of you may be new...

Following you will find the instructions for what to bring for your role(s) as a background player.
Please read and follow all instructions as closely as you possibly can. It is very important to bring as much of what we ask for that you have. It gives us more options, and more options means that everyone looks as great as possible!!

We are shooting Summer in our story but would prefer your color choices to be more muted and softer colors, like those of Spring. Solids are good, as is texture and pattern, just nothing too busy or bold. Bright white is usually too much for the camera to take, except for maybe a dress shirt that will be mostly covered by a jacket and tie. Also, true bright red is a no-no. As always, clothing with large obvious logos are not good choices.

We will be shooting 2 story days so everyone will need enough options to be able to pull both days.

Regardless of the role that you have been told that you will play, the reality is we need to have the flexibility to put folks in a variety of looks. We always have to play to the scene. For that reason I would like everyone that is working tomorrow to bring choices of all of the following:

business suits, dress shirts/blouses, ties
sport coats/blazers
casual button front shirts and blouses, long and short sleeve
sweaters, pullover and cardigan, sweater vests
slacks and skirts, khakis and jeans
hoodies, light weight jackets and pullover casual shirts
Don't forget the shoes that will work with all of your options.

FBI AGENTS should bring options of dark suits and light colored shirts including white, cream, tan, light grey and light blue. Please do not bring what we call royal or french blue as it is not a good color for the camera. You should also bring dark, subtle ties. They can have pattern, just nothing too bold or busy. Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belts.

VP SECRET SERVICE should bring options of dark suits, preferably black, navy and grey. Also bring either white or cream colored shirts. Please bring dark, simple ties without too much pattern or color. Those of you working as SECRET SERVICE tomorrow will be working other days in this episode and will have to repeat this same exact outfit for continuity. This is just a heads up now that you will have to wear the identical outfit for several days and will have to bring everything with you each time.

Thank you in advance for bringing all the great stuff. We look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time. See you on the set!!

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