Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us. Following you will find the instructions for the things that we would like you to bring for your characters tomorrow. Many on you may be in several different scenes, so please read all categories that pertain to you.


COOK should bring a white tee shirt, black pants and black shoes or sneakers. We will be giving you a cook's coat and apron.

WAITRESSES should bring a choices of plain, non ripped up jeans and dark and light fades, and dark sneakers. We will be giving you a "uniform" tee and an apron

DINERS/PASSERSBY should bring options of clothing to include casual to business wear. We will want to mix it up with what the diner customers are wearing so everyone should bring several options of each. This will also be helpful as we will be pulling outfits for the other scenes for some of you. The season is Summer but please keep your colors less bright and more muted like the colors for Spring. Texture and pattern are good, just nothing too busy or bold. Casual should include things like jeans, khakis, skirts, casual long and short sleeve blouses, light weight jackets and sweaters. Business to include suits and ties, with dress shirts and blouses, sport coats and blazers, slacks, skirts and dresses. Men's ties should not be too busy or bold. Don't forget the appropriate shoes for all of your choices.


DRESS STORE PATRONS should also bring a mix of nice casual to nicer business/country club wear. This is supposed to be a nice women's dress shop. Not too high end, but also not the 'Bargain Basement." Please include dress slacks, skirts, dresses, long and short sleeve blouses and shirts. Ladies, don't forget a nice handbag for your choices. The season is Summer but the colors should be more muted like the colors of Spring. Nothing to bright, too bold or busy. Simple and sophisticated would be better. And if there are "husbands" who are grudgingly shopping with their wives in the store, the same would apply. Nice casual to business/country club wear.


DRIVERS should all bring casual choices that would be worn to the grocery or the mall for shopping or a day out. This should include jeans, khakis, skirts, casual dresses, long and short sleeve casual shirts and blouses, light weight jackets and sweaters. Colors should be more muted like Spring colors. Pattern and texture are welcome, just nothing too bright or bold or busy.

Most of you may be working in all the scenes so please bring a wide range of clothing choices from casual to business and we will have not problem making you look different, and great, in every scene.
Thanks in advance for bringing all the good stuff. We look forward to seeing you on the Set!!

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