Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Welcome to HOMELAND. I'm not sure if any of you have worked with us before, so I'll tell you how this works.

Below you will find listed the name of the role you are to play and a description of the things that you should bring for your costume. Everyone should bring as much as you have of the things described. More options are always better!! We want to make you look good.

BRODY'S CHAUFFER should bring a black full suit and a white, long sleeve button front shirt. Also a black tie, if you have one. Don't forget your black shoes and black belt.

MEDICATED WIFE should bring options of two piece skirt suits. They could be navy, black, grey, taupe, camel, etc. should be simple and nicely tailored, clean looking without a lot of extra detailing. Blouse options should include simple, long sleeve button front blouses, silk shells or camisoles. The whole look is very Banana Republic or Ann Taylor for a reference. Don't forget shoes to work with the options that you bring. Small simple jewelry would work best for this role.

DICK JOHNSON ATTORNEY AND JOHNSON AIDES should all bring choices of dark business suits, light colored shirts and darker ties. Ties should not be too busy or bold. Don't forget your dress shoes and belts for your suits.

Thanks in advance for bring great stuff. See you on the set!!

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