Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey guys. One more day till the long weekend!! We're gonna spend it in the CIA.

We are in summer in the story. Don't really want to see the overly bright saturated colors of summer though. Think the more muted colors associated with spring. Texture and pattern is good, just nothing too busy or bold.

Regardless of what role you have been told that you will play, the reality is I need to have the flexibility to put folks in a variety of looks. We always have to play to the scene. So, for that reason I would like everyone that is working tomorrow to bring choices of all of the following:

business suits, shirts/blouses, ties
sport coats/blazers
casual button front shirts and blouses, long and short sleeve
sweaters, pullover and cardigan, sweater vests
khakis, slacks and skirts and jeans
hoodies and pullover casual shirts

Thank you in advance for bringing all the good stuff. See you on the set!!

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