Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome.  There may be some of you who have not been with us before.  Following you will find the information about what you need to bring for your role as a Background Player.

Many of you have been asked to play more than one role.  Please read the information for all the different roles you are assigned and bring several options for each.  We will be picking all of your changes at the beginning of the day, so please bring all of your clothes when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY CLOTHES IN YOUR CAR!!!

FEMALE JOGGER should bring several choices of running clothing with long  and short sleeve options for the tops.  Try to avoid shoes and clothing with very large or bold logos or brand names.   Caps and visors might also be nice options for you guys as well.  You will also be working as an UPSCALE BG/DRIVER so please read the information there and bring options for that change with you.

UPSCALE BG/DRIVER should all wear and bring several options of business and business casual clothing to include:
suits, sport coats/blazers, ties
dress slacks/skirts
long sleeve button front dress shirts
long sleeve button front casual shirts
polo shirts
cardigan sweaters
light weight jackets
Dress shoes to work with your options
The look is traditional and conservative.  Things that you would wear to the office, out to dinner, to the theater, etc.  Color and pattern is good, just nothing too bold or bright or busy.  
Everyone working as an UPSCALE BG/DRIVER will be seen in 2 screen days.  This means that we need enough of the above listed clothing to make at least two separate outfits for the different days.

CABBIE should wear and bring casual clothing like non-ripped jeans, khakis, long and short sleeve casual shirts and tops.  Caps without logos would be great if you have them.  Also vests and light weight jackets

TOWNCAR DRIVER  should bring a dark (black, navy or dark grey) suit, white long sleeve dress shirt and a dark tie with little to no pattern.  Don't forget your black belt and black dress shoes and socks to work with your suit.

Thanks in advance for bringing all the good stuff and we will see you on the set!!

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