Monday, September 17, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome.  This may be the first time for some of you.  Here's how it works....
Following you will find the information about what clothes to bring.  There will be some instructions and then a list of the kinds of things that we would like to see.

We will be choosing your costumes when you check in so please bring your clothes with you when you check in.  Everyone should come dressed in an outfit based on the descriptions and everyone should also bring other options of the same kinds of clothes so that we can look them over and make the best choice.

MIDDLE EASTERN GUARDS AND DRIVER should wear and bring several options of the following and they should have a bit of European flavor to them if possible:
dark suit coats and jackets
dark dress shirts and medium dress shirts
dark dress slacks
dark long sleeve pullover shirts and sweaters
dark rinse jeans, non ripped 
casual dark belt and shoes
We will decide when we see the set whether or not these characters will be more dressy or casual so we need options of all of the above so that we have the choices that we need in the moment.R  should all wear and bring

RESTAURANT STAFF should wear and bring options of non ripped jeans, tees and tops that you would wear to work at your restaurant.  Color and pattern is good just nothing too bold or too bright.  We cannot use clothing with large, obvious logos or brand names on them.

SIDEWALK GUYS should bring and wear several options of things like you see in the photograph below.  We would like you all to bring options that are both dark like the photos on the right and some things that are lighter and more colorful like the photos on the left.  We don't want everyone to look exactly alike, but would like a nice mix.  We will make the final decisions after you check in and we look at everything that you brought to show us

PHILLY POLICE OFFICERS will be given a uniform by the Costume Department.  You should bring with you a white undershirt, black socks and solid black sneakers or combat style ankle boots.  We will have the traditional police shoes, but you might be more comfortable in your own.

POLICE PRECINCT BACKGROUND  We will be pulling several different looks from this group so we'd like you all to bring a bit of all of the following.  Some may be detectives, some may be arrestees so we will need a bit of it all.
suits and sport coats and blazers
light to medium colored dress shirts and ties
slacks/skirts, khakis, non-ripped jeans
casual button front and pull over shirts and tops, both long and short sleeve
light weight jackets and sweaters
caps and hats without any logos
dress shoes and casual shoes to work with both sets of clothing

HOOKER came for the fitting today and we should have most everything.  Anything that you need that you wore home, please bring it back with you tomorrow

DRUNK  This guy could be a business man that got caught drinking and driving, or a bum or street person picked up for disorderly conduct.  Please bring options that would work in either case.  We will not know which way the director wants to go until tomorrow.  So have some options of the following:
suit and tie, dress shirts and shoes
slacks and sports coats
older clothes that you work around the house and the garden/yard in
old hoodie, stained/ripped jeans, old sneakers, work boots, etc.

Thanks to everyone in advance for bringing all the good stuff.  We will see you on the set!

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