Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hello and welcome.  Following you will find the description of the things that you should bring for your work as a Background Player on Tuesday 9/25.

Everyone should come dressed in your first, best choice based on the descriptions, and bring the rest of your options with you so that we may have a look.  We will be choosing all of the changes for the day at the beginning of the day, so please bring everything with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR CAR!!!

Everyone should bring a coat to keep you warm while not on camera.  You may also bring light weight jackets and cardigans, sweaters, etc as choices for your costume for the day, as instructed below.  As it will warm up later in the day we do not want to put anything too heavy on camera because you will then be committed to wearing it the entire day.  For this reason an additional coat or jacket to wear only for your comfort might be a good idea.  The Costume Dept WILL NOT be giving out coats to keep you warm.  If you think that you might need a comfort coat, you should bring it yourself.

It will be an early call and we ask that everyone be respectful and arrive by your call time.  There will be a lot of you that the Costume Dept needs to process and send on to other depts as well.  Please help us all to stay on schedule by being on time and ready to begin the day.

NEWS CAMERAMAN AND SOUND MAN  should wear and bring a mix of dark clothing to include non-ripped dark jeans, dark cargo pants, dark slacks, dark long and short sleeve pull over shirts, dark long and short sleeve button front shirts, dark hoodies, dark vests and light weight jackets and dark sport coats.  These could be black, grey, navy, dark brown, etc.  This is a layered, more casual look.  Don't forget the dark shoes and belts to go with your options.

PRODUCER should bring options of the following:
blazers to be worn with slacks or jeans
nice, non-ripped jeans, slacks and skirts
nice tees or pullover tops to be worn under a blazer.
This woman is professional looking but is not dressed for the camera.  Her clothing is stylish but functional.
Think Banana Republic & J Crew.  Muted or darker colors and neutrals.  Can have some color in the tee perhaps.
Don't forget the shoes and tasteful accessories that will work with your choices of clothing.

TOWN CAR DRIVER  should wear and bring a dark suit (black, navy or dark grey), a white long sleeve dress shirt, and a dark solid tie.  Don't forget your black belt and dress shoes.

OUTSIDE & INSIDE PATRONS / CIVILIAN WITNESSES WITH CARS   The setting for the scene is a  casual breakfast restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Nice weekend/casual clothing.  You should wear and bring several options of the following:
non-ripped nice jeans, khakis, slacks and skirts
long and short sleeve casual tops and shirts, both button front and pullover
long and short sleeve tees without logos or artwork
cardigans and other light weight sweaters
light weight jackets
Don't forget the shoes to work with the options that you are bringing.
Caps and hats without logos and other artwork might also be a nice touch.
Women please bring handbags that work with your clothing options.

MIDDLE EASTERN GUARDS AND DRIVERS   If you worked the day of the INDUSTRIAL PARK you should bring the same things that you wore that day.  If you are working for the first time on 9/25 you should wear and bring several options of the following and they should have a bit of European flavor to them if possible:
dark light weight and leather jackets
dark dress shirts and medium dress shirts
dark long sleeve pullover shirts and sweaters
dark rinse jeans, non ripped 
casual dark belt and shoes

SNIPER  should bring your full sniper gear.  You worked with us last year and should bring the same gear as then.  Thank you!

FBI TACH TEAM & FBI PASSENGERS  You are undercover agents during this scene.  Some of you will receive jackets and vests from the Costume Dept.  All of you should wear and bring options of the following.  We would like everyone to bring some of everything so that we can mix up the look and not have everyone looking exactly the same.
Khakis / cargo pants / dark non-ripped jeans
Polo shirts in medium and dark colors
Long and short sleeve button front shirts.  Small patterns are acceptable
Light weight jackets
Dark shoes that you will be able to run in.  These could be dark solid sneakers, lace up shoes with a textured sole or dark military style ankle boots.  You will need to be sure-footed in what ever shoes you choose to bring.  You will be asked to run/move quickly throughout the scene.  We don't want anyone hurt with a twisted ankle or anything.

WAITRESSES  will be give a uniform polo shirt by the Costume Dept.  Please wear and bring with you a selection of dark, non-ripped jeans and khaki style pants.  Also bring medium to dark colored sneakers to wear with your uniform.

SHORT ORDER COOKS  should bring a white short sleeved undershirt and black pants.  Also please bring a pair of black sneakers.  You will be given aprons from the Costume Dept.

Thank you all in advance for coming on Tuesday 9/25 and for bringing all the great stuff.  It will be an exciting day with stunts and lots of action.  We look forward to seeing you all on the set!!

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