Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday 9/14 RURAL ROAD

Hello and welcome.  Following find the information that you need for your work as a Background player.  There's just one of you so this shouldn't take long.

Please bring your clothing choices with you from your car when you check in.

CIA FEMALE AGENT  should bring a selection of casual clothing to include:
Nice non ripped jeans/khakis/slacks/skirts
Casual long and short sleeve tops
Cardigan and pullover sweaters
Light weight jackets
Casual shoes to work with your clothing options.
Jewelry should be simple and understated

This woman is an undercover CIA agent and is meant to be very non-descript.  A socceer mom, if you will.

Colors should be muted and not too bright and some texture and pattern is fine, just nothing too bold or busy.

Thanks in advance for bringing the good stuff and we will see you on the set.

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