Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hello everyone and welcome.  This may be the first time for some of you.  Here's how it works....
Following you will find the information about what clothes to bring.  There will be some instructions and then a list of the kinds of things that we would like to see.

We will be choosing your costumes when you check in so please bring your clothes with you when you check in.  Everyone should come dressed in an outfit based on the descriptions and everyone should also bring other options of the same kinds of clothes so that we can look them over and make the best choice.

LATINO NEIGHBORS In the story this take place in a poor, working class neighborhood.  Everyone should come with options that are not too nice, not flashy or new.  Everyone should fit the environment.  If you have clothing that you do gardening work in, or other clothes that do not look that great, please bring them along with your other options.
You should wear and bring several options of the following:

long and short sleeve tees
long and short sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses, polo shirts
non-ripped nice jeans, khakis, cargo pants, skirts, summer dresses
light weight cardigans and light weight jackets
caps and hats without any logos 
comfortable shoes and sneakers to work with your clothing choices

Color is fine, just nothing too bright or bold
Pattern and texture is great, but not too busy or bold
We cannot use clothing that has any large logos or recognizable artwork on them.

Women bring handbags that will work with your outfit choices.

These characters should wear and bring several options of the following:
dark suits
dark dress shirts and medium and light dress shirts
dark dress slacks
dark ties
dress belt and shoes to work with your suit options
dark long sleeve pullover shirts and sweaters
dark rinse jeans, non ripped
more casual dark belt and shoes
We will decide when we see the set whether or not these characters will be more dressy or casual so we need options of all of the above so that we have the choices that we need in the moment.

Thanks in advance for bringing the good stuff.  We will see you on the set.
dark rinse jeans

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