Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday 8/23 MOTEL CABIN

Hello everyone.  Welcome to Homeland.  Below you will find instruction for what to bring to wear in your roles as Background Players on Thursday, 8/23.

Everyone should come dressed in your first, best choice based on the descriptions below.  Some of you are being asked to play more than one role, so please read the descriptions of all that apply to you.  We will be choosing all the costumes at the time that you arrive so bring everything in with you.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!

MOTEL RESIDENT / TIKI HUT PATRONS / PASSERSBY WITH CARS should all wear and bring several choices of the following:
long and short sleeve tees
long and short sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses, polo shirts
non-ripped nice jeans, khakis, knee length shorts, skirts, summer dresses
light weight cardigans and light weight jackets
caps and hats without any logos 
comfortable shoes and sneakers to work with your clothing choices

Color is fine, just nothing too bright or bold
Pattern and texture is great, but not too busy or bold

Women bring handbags that will work with your outfit choices.

CIA GOONS should bring options that could include a couple of different kinds of looks:
dark suits, light colored dress shirts and dark colored ties
dark dress shoes and belts to work with your choices.

Also please bring.....
dark long sleeve button front shirts
dark long sleeve pullover tees and other styles of long sleeve pullover shirts
dark layering pieces like hoodies, vests, light weight sweaters and jackets
dark slacks, cargo pants or dark wash jeans
dark comfortable casual shoes like black sneakers, dark deck shoes or lace up shoes
black belt and socks

"Dark" can be black, navy, grey, dark green, brown, etc.  These clothes should be free of logos or lots of pattern.

Not sure which direction these guys should go in so if we have options of both we will be covered.

Thanks is advance for bringing all the good stuff.  We will see you on the set!!

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