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Hello everyone and welcome.  There may be some of you who have not been with us before.  Following you will find the information about what you need to bring for your role as a Background Player.

Some of you will be playing more than one role.  Please read all the information concerning any and all roles that you have been assigned and bring options accordingly.

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below.  You should also bring other options so that we can look them over and make the best decisions.  We will decide what you will wear for the whole day at the beginning of the day.  Please bring all of your clothing with you when you check in.

There are several categories that follow so please look for the information that applies to you.  Don't give up before you find it and read it, just keep scrolling down :-)

PARK  In the script these scenes take place on a Sunday.  This is a weekend feel in an upper-middle class neighborhood.  Casual, but nice.  No ripped jeans, short shorts or tiny tanks without something to wear over them.  Think GAP, J Crew.  Nothing with large or obvious logos or recognizable artwork.

NOTE FROM THE PROPS DEPT:  For all of our general park BG please also bring bags, backpacks, big purses, toys and strollers for the small kids, picnic baskets and blankets, frisbees, etc.

CAMP COUNSELORS  should bring choices to include:
short and long sleeve tees
polo shirts and other short sleeve tops
non ripped nice jeans/khakis/shirts
knee length walking shorts
comfortable, casual shoes to work with your clothing options.
The Camp Children are all going to be given a red tee so that they look like a group.  If you could include a red tee or polo or button front blouse, please do so in case we want to make you look like those guys.

CAMP KIDS will all be given a tee shirt by the Costume Dept.  Some of you will wear it over some of your own things, some of you in place of your own things.  We want this group to look the same, but not look exactly the same.  Please bring several options to include the following:
long and short sleeve tees
long and short sleeve button front shirts/tops
polo shirts
jeans/khakis/skirts/knee length shorts
play/casual dresses
comfortable shoes and sneakers

CHESS PLAYERS / OLDER COUPLES / PARENTS / MISC PARK GOERS  should all bring several options of the following:
long and short sleeve tees
long and short sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses, polo shirts
jeans, khakis, knee length shorts, skirts, summer dresses
light weight cardigans and light weight jackets
caps and hats without any logos 
comfortable shoes and sneakers to work with your clothing choices

KIDS  Some of the kids will be asked to play in the fountain/water.  We would like all kids to bring options of both clothing and swimsuits.  Some kids will be in their swimsuits, others in their clothing playing in the water.  Parents bring clothing that you don't mind getting wet.  Bring cover ups and tees to guard against sun.  Also, please bring swim shoes or sandals that you don't mind getting wet.  We are not sure of the surface of the fountain.  Clothing options should include:
tees and tops with no logos or recognizable artwork
shorts and skirts and sundresses
swim shoes and sandals that can get wet
swim suits/cover ups
towels for drying off
We suggest that you bring a plastic trash bag or grocery bags so that you can pack your wet clothes away.  Don't forget they will need dry clothes to change into once they are finished.

SUNBATHING TEENS should bring choices of swimwear/cover ups tanks and shorts, and other clothing that you could catch some rays in.  Please also include regular, everyday going to the park clothes in case they want to use you again in another part of the scene.  Don't forget your shoes to work with all of your clothes.  Also, please bring a towel to lay on.

FRISBEE TEENS should bring choices of shorts, tee, polos, jeans.  Again, NO large logos (Abercrombie, Hollister) and NO short shorts or ripped jeans.  Also, BRING YOUR FRISBEES

SKATEBOARD TEENS should bring board clothes and shoes.  No major logos.  Bring all your boarder accessories like chains, caps, etc.  Also, BRING YOUR SKATEBOARDS

CYCLISTS should bring options of riding clothing.  It is difficult with these kinds of clothing to avoid large logos, but please bring cycling clothing that is as free of logos as you can.  Bring all of your gear including helmets, pads, shoes and of course....BRING YOUR BIKE.

JOGGERS should bring running clothes and shoes that are as free of sports logos as you can find.  Small ones will be OK, just nothing too large or eye-catching.  Bring an assortment of running clothing that includes long and short sleeve shirts, running shorts and pants, caps and other accessories that you use when you run.

RAYBURN BUILDING  In the script these scenes take place on a Monday, during the work week.  You will be working in a Government Parking Structure so your clothing options should reflect the business look.

PASSERSBY should bring several options of the following:
business suits, shirts/blouses, ties
sport coats/blazers
long sleeve dress shirts/blouses
dress shoes to work with your clothing options.
Also bring a couple of more casual button front shirts and blouses in case we want to work something without a jacket.

Thanks in advance for reading the blog and for bringing all the good stuff.  We look forward to meeting you and will see you on the set!!

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