Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hello and welcome.  Following find the information for the COFFEE HOUSE & THE PHOTO SHOOT.

Most all of you have been booked as DRIVERS.  I would like for everyone to bring enough options so that we can chose a second outfit if we need to, as some of you may be working inside the COFFEE HOUSE as well.

The information for the PHOTO SHOOT will be following the information for the COFFEE HOUSE.

Please come in your, first best choice of the described clothing and bring the rest of your options with you when you check in .  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!

We are still playing Spring in the show.  You should include both long and short sleeve options as well as light layering pieces like sweaters and light weight jackets.

There is a note from the Props Department for the BG at the Coffee House.  Please read these instructions as well.


DRIVERS  should wear and bring options of the following:
khakis/ slacks/ skirts
nice non-ripped basic jeans in a medium or light wash
long and short sleeve casual button front shirts and blouses
long and short sleeve casual pullover shirts/tops and tees
cardigan sweaters, light weight jackets, hoodies
hats and caps without logos
appropriate footwear for your clothing options.  Everyone should make sure to include at least one pair of closed heel and toe shoes.  This is a safety thing and we want to be able to put you in something safe, should that need to be the case.
Don't forget your belts, jewelry and other accessories

WAITER AND WAITRESS W/ CAR  will be given a shirt by the Costume Dept.  You should bring options of the following: 
basic, nice, non-ripped blue denim jeans 
a pair of black pants 
casual shoes appropriate for working in a Coffee House.  No heels or dress shoes.

NOTES FROM THE PROPS DEPARTMENT:  Would everyone also please bring, laptops, iPads, iPods, ear buds, computer bags, backpacks, etc for your work in the COFFEE HOUSE.

The Photo Shoot is for photos that are in the story line of EP 306.  They are photos that are meant to be taken in the 1970's.  We will be dressing you in vintage clothing from the Costume Dept.  There are some things that we would like you to bring with you.  Following find those items for both male and female:

-Please wear or bring boxer briefs or regular briefs for you underwear.  Pants fit differently then and will be higher and tighter. You need underwear that will keep you supported.
-Please bring any shoes that you think might have a 70's feel.  We have shoes, but just in case.

-Please make sure to wear a nude bra and nude panties.  Many of the 70's fashions were somewhat sheer.  Also include a thong, if you have one, as some of the 70's fashions are also clingy.
-If you have any Taupe or neutral colored shoes that have a chunky or square heel, please bring them.  These could be loafer style with a small heel or higher heels.  Ankle straps were also popular at the time.

Thanks in advance for joining us and for bringing your best.  We look forward to working with you and we will......... see you on the set!

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