Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello and welcome.  Just a couple of you so this will not take long at all!  Please read the descriptions below for what to bring with you on Monday, 7/15

We are still playing Spring in our story, so please bring a mix of choices with both long and short sleeves.  The color palette is also one of Spring.  We would prefer to see the more muted colors of Spring and not the bright and vivid colors of Summer.  Neutrals like, tan, grey, burgundy, navy, etc are always good.  Pattern and texture are also great, just nothing too bold or crazy.

Bring your clothes with you when you check in and we will choose your things at the top of the day.

YUPPIE COUPLE should wear and bring a mix of casual clothing.  Things that would look nice enough to view houses but not work clothes.  Saturday going out to lunch clothes. :-)
polo shirts
casual long and short sleeve button front shirts and blouses
khaki type pants / nice non ripped jeans
casual skirts
cardigan sweaters
light weight jackets/windbreakers
casual shoes and belts to work with your clothing choices.
jewelry and other accessories should be simple.
If you have hats or cap without logos please bring them as well

Thanks in advance for bringing great things.  We will see you on the set!

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