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Hello and welcome to everyone. 

Following please find the instructions for what to bring for the roles in which you have been cast for the day.  Please read everything carefully and follow all instructions as best you can.

The HUNTING GUESTS will have two different looks, both of which will be described below.  Please bring several options in both categories.

If you worked as a HUNTING GUEST on Wed, 7/17, you will need to match.  Please bring everything for that change that you wore on Wed. and bring the options for the Cocktail/Dinner change described below.

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below and bring your other options for us to look at and make the final decisions.  Please bring all your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!!!!   We will be choosing all of your looks in the morning.  You will then be responsible, with the help of the Costumers and the AD Dept, for knowing when to wear each chosen outfit.

We are playing Early Spring in our show right now.  


HUNTING GUESTS SHOOTING CLOTHING  will have photos to guide you in what to bring.  In the story it is still April and cool.  We are a party of Congressmen and Senators out for a weekend shoot.... not Duck Dynasty.  The look is an Americanized take on English Shooting clothing.  Please look over the photos and note that there are several layers and kinds of things that are common to this look.  Some of the photos are higher end and some lower.  That's why you are seeing both; to pull from what you have to meet in the middle.
We recognize that it is July; we recognize that you will be hot wearing all this stuff; and our response is that we have to play what is written.  What is written is a hunting scene, in a marsh in April in Washington D C.
We know you understand :-)
The layers in these pictures should be studied and bring options of all that you have.  These things should be in a color palette of greens, browns, rusts, etc.  Colors like you will find in the photos at the end of the post.  Layers include:
-Anorak / Barbour style outdoor jackets
-Tweed sport coats
-Sweater vests, zip front vests, hunting vests
-Solid color and multicolored long sleeve button front shirts
-Knitted neckties & other casual style neck wear
-Outdoor pants to include Khaki/ Dockers style pants in tan, brown and greens, All Weather Pants (Eddie Bauer, REI style), corduroy pants.
-Wellington boots, knee high rain boots, duck boots and other outdoor style boots. (It will be damp and squishy.)
-Hats and caps to include the English style driving caps shown in the photos, but also Outdoor style fedora brimmed hats, leather "Aussie" style brimmed hats, non-logo ball cap style in tan, greens or browns.
-Don't forget your leather belts and socks that will keep your feet dry.
The photos can be found at the end of this post.  Please remember to bring all of the things that you have from the photos and the list above.  Options are our friend.

HUNTING GUESTS COCKTAIL/DINNER CLOTHING is a dressy/casual, Country Club look.  Conservative Washington, DC.  There should be some color and texture, but nothing too bold or too bright.  Please see the photos that are below the Hunting Clothing look.  This is not overly formal with suits, but rather sportcoats and slacks, long sleeve dress and casual shirts under jackets.  Please bring several options of the following:
sport coats/ blazers
V neck sweaters
long sleeve dress/casual button front shirts to be worn with blazers
slacks/khaki style slacks
casual, conservative ties
appropriate shoes, belts and accessories to work with your clothing choices

sport coats/ blazers/cardigan sweaters
long sleeve dress/casual button front blouses to be worn with blazers & sweaters
shells and tops to be worn with blazers and sweaters
slacks/khaki style slacks/ skirts
sheath dresses that would look good with a jacket or sweater
Appropriate shoes and accessories

Jewelry should be simple and conservative.

HUNTING SUPPORT STAFF/DRIVERS & GUIDES will be given a shirt by the Costume Department to serve as your "uniform" shirt.  Everyone should wear med to dark blue denim jeans that are basic (Levis, Lee, Wrangler, etc).  The should not be full of holes.  They can be somewhat faded, but should not look ratty.  Everyone should also wear outdoor style hiking/work boots.  Everyone should bring a leather belt for their jeans and a plain white, short sleeve undershirt.  If you have things that are small and are in camouflage like ball caps, tees, etc, please bring them as we might want to sprinkle them in.

HUNTING LODGE STAFF/VALETS/SERVERS should bring the following:
Shirt- White, long sleeve cotton blend shirt, pressed.  NO BUTTONS on the collar.  Clean, wrinkle free and in good condition. Make sure the neck fits as we will give you a tie to wear.
Pants- Black dress pants, pleated or flat front, full length, no bell-bottoms, no metal studs, no slits, no hip huggers or low riders, not outside pockets or stitching, no baggy or tight-fitting pants, must be a natural fit.  Must be correct length and hemmed appropriately.  No denim.
Belt- Solid black leather or fabric 1inch, no weave or stud designs; silver or gold or black buckle, no large buckle.
Shoes- Black enclosed heel and toe.  Lace up dress shoes for men or lace up all black sneakers, black flats or all black lace up sneakers for women.
Socks- Black must cover ankle bone.

COOKS will be given a top by the Costume Department.  You should bring a pair of black pants, black socks and black shoes.  Also a plain white undershirt.

SAUL'S DRIVER is a match from Thursday 7/11.  You are a match.  Please bring everything that you wore when you worked last week.

Thanks in advance to everyone for bringing all the great stuff.  We look forward to working with you and we will....see you on the set!



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