Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday 7/23 OFFICE SPACE

Hello and thanks for joining us. We will be returing to the OFFICE SPACE tomorrow which means that most of you will be repeating what you have been wearing since it is the same screen day. Following you will find the instructions for what you are to bring. If you are new and are bringing things in for the first time, make sure to bring them with you when you check in. DO NO LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!! SEAL TEAMS A & C will be repeating the clothing that you have been wearing. If it is your own, please bring it back to match. If you were given all or a part of your costume by the Costume Dept, they will have that for you at the truck. There will be a new member of Seal Team A replacing someone not available to come back. You should bring with you the following things, if you have them: Dark Navy longs sleeve button front shirt, Dark Navy tee shirt, Grey "Dockers" style pants, Black socks, Black Sneakers, Black belt. There is also a replacement on the Seal Team C. That person should bring the following items if you have them: Medium Grey Polo shirt, medium grey "dockers" style pants, black sneakers or black combat style shoes, black belt and black socks. CIA TECH should bring options to include khakis, long and short sleeve button front shirts, polo shirts and shoes and belt to work with your options. Thanks in advance for showing up with all the right things and for doing so cheerfully. We look forward to seeing you on the set!

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