Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hello and welcome.  We are glad that you are going to be joining us tomorrow.  Following you will find instructions for what to bring for your role as a Background player on Friday 7/6.

Everyone should read the instructions and come dressed in your first, best option based on the descriptions and bring other options with you so that we can look them over.  Bring all of your clothes in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!  

Here we go....

AIRPORT POLICE will be given a uniform by the Costume Department.  You should bring with you a white, short sleeve undershirt, black lace up shoes and black socks.

BODY GUARDS / ISRAELI AMBASSADOR  should wear and bring options of dark suits, light colored dress shirts, and ties that are not too colorful.  Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belt to work with your choices.

LIMO DRIVER should wear a black suit and a white long sleeve dress shirt and black tie.  Black dress shoes and black socks.

NEWS CAMERAMAN AND SOUND MAN  should wear and bring a mix of dark clothing to include non-ripped dark jeans, dark cargo pants, dark slacks, dark long and short sleeve pull over shirts, dark long and short sleeve button front shirts, dark hoodies, dark vests and light weight jackets and dark sport coats.  These could be black, grey, navy, dark brown, etc.  This is a layered, more casual look.  Don't forget the dark shoes and belts to go with your options.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT will be given a uniform by the Costume Department.  You will be wearing a white blouse, so please bring nude colored undergarments.  Also, please bring a simple pair of black, closed toe pumps.

AIRLINE PASSENGERS should wear and bring traditional middle eastern clothing, if you have them and western style clothing.  Casual traveling clothing to include non-ripped jeans, long and short sleeve shirts and blouses, cardigans and light weight jackets.

Thank you in advance for bringing all the great stuff.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!

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