Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday 7/27 HOSPITAL

Hello all and welcome.  We are glad that you'll be joining us tomorrow.  Some of you may be new.  Following you will find specific instructions for what to bring with you for your role as a Background Player.  There will also be some other instructions.  Please read everything very carefully and comply as fully as you can.

Some of you may be playing more than one role.  Please read the instructions and costume descriptions for every role that you are to play and bring the items for each.  We will want to make all the choices in the beginning so that you'll know what to change into when the time comes.  For that reason, bring all of your options in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY OF YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR CAR, PLEASE!!!

A creative choice has been made to keep most of the hospital interior, and the mood, dark.  We will be using grey and navy scrubs to help with that.

NURSES & ORDERLIES will be given scrubs by the Costume Dept.  You should bring with you dark sneakers or other appropriate shoes like Crocs or clogs.  Please make sure that the shoes are dark; grey, navy, black, etc., as the scrubs will be dark.
You should also bring layering pieces such as long sleeve tees, thermals, cardigan sweaters.  These things should also be in med to dark colors.
If you are a medical professional and have your own dark grey or navy scrubs, you are welcome to bring them.

DOCTORS will be given lab coats by the Costume Dept.  Please bring options to include button front dress shirts/blouses, ties, dark slacks/skirts, nice shoes to work with these options.  DOCTORS should also bring dark sneakers/shoes to wear in case the Director would like to see the DOCTORS in scrubs.
If you are a medical professional and have your own lab coat, dark grey or navy scrubs, you are welcome to bring them.

PATIENTS will be given hospital gowns by the costume department.  These are real hospital gowns and will operate as such; the back is open!  The gowns are a basic white with a design.  PATIENTS should come prepared to be "dressed" under your gowns so that there are no modesty issues.  Since the gowns are white, so dark colors will show through.  Light colored tanks and tees, a pair of light colored gym shorts or pj bottoms would allow you to be dressed for the scene and remain clothed and covered when not on camera.  A house coat or bath robe to wear over your gown would also do the trick.  Bring shoes that will be easily slipped off and on.  House slippers, flip flops, Crocs, etc.

PARAMEDICS will be given a uniform shirt by the Costume Dept.  Please bring a pair of navy or black pants, black belt, black sneakers or hiking-style boots, black socks and a white crew neck undershirt.

VISITORS & PASSERSBY WITH CARS should bring several options of casual clothing to include:
non-ripped, nice jeans / khakis / slacks & skirts
choices of long and short sleeve casual shirts / blouses
cardigan sweaters & light weight jackets
The color palette for these things should remain mostly neutral.  Tan, grey, brown, dark green, burgundy, etc.  Color is fine, just nothing too bold or bright.  Texture and pattern are great, but keep it simple.  Nothing too busy.  Don't forget your shoes and belts for your options.

Thanks in advance for reading the blog and following the instructions to the best of your ability.  We are looking forward to working with you and will see you on the set!!

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