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Hello and welcome to all of you!  We are glad that you will be joining us on Monday, 8/26.  It will be a busy day and there are three different scenes to shoot.  There's a lot of information here today.  Please take the time to read everything so that you know what to do for Monday.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME!!  You first have to check in with the ADs before we can begin to check your wardrobe.  Every moment that you are late is less time we have to make you look fantastic for the camera..... your choice :-)

*Many of you have been chosen to play more than one role.  You will be told this by Extras Casting.  It is imperative that you read the descriptions for each of the roles that you are playing and bring options suitable for all the different roles. 

*Always come dressed in your first, best choice of the look described.  This helps us with time in the mornings.We will be choosing all of your looks in the morning.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!  

*Please bring all of your options for the day with you when you check in in the morning.  You should always bring at least three options of the looks described; one that you are wearing and at least two others.  

*We are shooting Spring.  Your choices should have both and long and short sleeve options.  They should also include light weight layers such as cardigans, light weight windbreakers, etc.
We would prefer the colors of Spring; softer, more muted colors, rather that the bright, bold colors of Summer.

*We will be shooting Rain or Shine.  So please include an umbrella and light rain jacket should we need one.

*One more thing... please read the notes that I am posting from the Props Department for some of the scenes and bring any of these things that you have.


Dark Business suits
Sport coats/blazers
Conservative dresses with sleeves
Long and short sleeve dress shirts/blouses
Conservative sweaters/sweater sets/shells to wear with or without a jacket
Conservative ties/scarves/accessories
Shoes that are appropriate for your clothing options

MALE WHITE HOUSE STAFF  should bring several options of the following:
Sport coats/blazers
khakis/ dress slacks
long sleeve dress shirts
Conservative ties that are not too bold.
dress shoes and belts to work with your options


CIA JR & SR ANALYSTS are the mid range of dress at the CIA.  You should bring several options of the following in a neutral palette.  Nothing too light or bright and nothing with a loud pattern
Sport coats/blazers
Long and short sleeve casual and dress shirts/blouses
Conservative ties
Polo shirts
Pullover light weight sweaters and cardigan style sweaters
Don't forget your shoes and other accessories to go with these options.

CIA TECHS are the most casually dressed at the CIA.  You should bring several options of the following:
Long and short sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses
Long and short sleeve casual pullover shirts/blouses (no tees)
Pullover light weight sweaters and cardigans and sweater vests
Light weight jackets/windbreakers
Hoodies and zip front jackets
Don't forget your shoes to go with these options.


So here's the fun one!!  We want this to look like a real bus station, which would have people from all walks of life.  On our show we mostly have to do the conservative Washington, DC look, but here's an opportunity for some character!
Since we won't know what everyone looks like and is bringing until the day, and since you have not been broken up into neat little categories that tell me how to dress you, we are going to do things a bit differently...

Everyone should bring options of who you are.  If you are a flannel shirt and jeans kind of guy, bring lots of that.  If you are a skirts and tee kind of gal bring lots of that.  Don't try to bring "character clothes" of someone that you are not.  Let us add the character by layering, accessories, patterns and color.
Normally we say not too much pattern and not too much color, but this is a time when bold could work to our advantage.  I would also like everyone to include the following items, regardless of what ever else you choose to include:
1 pair of basic blue jeans
1 pair of basic khaki pants
1 grey tee shirt  long or short sleeve
1 neutral colored shirt or blouse
1 lightweight jacket

Don't forget your shoes and accessories that work with your clothing options. And don't forget to read the notes from the Props Dept at the end of the blog.

Will be given a uniform by the Costume Department.  Please bring a pair of black socks with you.

Will be given a uniform shirt by the Costume Department.  You should bring with you a pair of black pants, a white short sleeve undershirt, black sneakers or dress shoes.  Female's shoes should be closed heel and toe and not a high heel.  Also bring a black belt.

NOTES FROM THE PROPS DEPARTMENT:  The Props department would like the BUS PATRONS to bring the following things as your traveling props.  These things don't have to be new and can look "well loved."
large purses
MP3 players
Cell Phones
Water Bottles

Thanks in advance to everyone for coming and working with us and for bringing all the great stuff that I know you will.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!

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