Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hello again guys.  Please read everything to make sure you bring the right things.

Information for the PHOTO SHOOT  will be at the bottom of the page.

First of all, make sure that you bring all the things of yours that you wore the last time you worked when we were at the Golf Course House.  Shoes, watches, any jewelry that you wore, etc.  I know that we dressed both of you but I believe that you wore your own shoes.

There are two different ways that we could go... we might keep you guys in the same things, or we might change it up slightly.  It is still the same script day, but we are changing NAVID the lead guy.

Please read the following and bring more of the same in case we decide to change it up a bit.

JAVADI MEN  should wear and bring several options of the following:
dark light weight jackets (black, dark grey) in leather, denim or cotton
dark long and short sleeve pullover shirts with no logos
dark long and short sleeve button front shirts
black tees and grey tees
non ripped dark wash jeans
black and/or grey pants
dark shoes and belt

Both men should bring business suits.  Preferably ones that are brown or light to medium grey.  If you have a 3 button suit, that would be great.  The photograph is to be from the mid-1990's.  Also bring long sleeve dress shirts and ties to go with your suit options.  Don't forget your dress shoes and your belts.

Also, if you have any traditional Eastern clothing like disdashas, headscarves/wraps,  please bring these along with sandals or other appropriate footwear.  One of the men in the photo is meant to be dressed in traditional Eastern clothing.

Just load up what you have of both of the things described above and we will do the same and between us we will have it all looking great!

Thanks for being with us and we will see you tomorrow on the set.

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