Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello everyone and welcome.  We are glad that you'll be joining us tomorrow.  Following find the information for what you need to bring with you.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME!!  You first have to check in with the ADs before we can begin to check your wardrobe.  Every moment that you are late is less time we have to make you look fantastic for the camera..... your choice :-)

*Some of you have been chosen to play more than one role.  You will be told this by Extras Casting.  It is imperative that you read the descriptions for each of the roles that you are playing and bring options suitable for all the different roles.

*Always come dressed in your first, best choice of the look described.  This helps us with time in the mornings.We will be choosing all of your looks in the morning.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!  

*Please bring all of your options for the day with you when you check in in the morning.  You should always bring at least three options of the looks described; one that you are wearing and at least two others.

We are playing Spring in our show right now.  This means that you should include options of both long and short sleeves as well as layering pieces light weight sweaters and jackets, hoodies, etc.  The color palette is one of neutrals (grey, black, navy, dark green, burgundy, tan, brown, etc) and softer, muted colors.  No overly bright colors or bold patterns.


Should wear and bring options of the following:
khakis/ slacks/ skirts
nice non-ripped basic jeans in a medium or light wash
long and short sleeve casual button front shirts and blouses
long and short sleeve casual pullover shirts/tops and tees
cardigan sweaters, light weight jackets, hoodies
hats and caps without logos
appropriate footwear for your clothing options.  Everyone should make sure to include at least one pair of closed heel and toe shoes.  This is a safety thing and we want to be able to put you in something safe, should that need to be the case.
Don't forget your belts, jewelry and other accessories

Will be given clothes by the Costume Dept.  You should bring with you a short sleeve white undershirt, a pair of dark work boots or dark, solid color sneakers, and a dark belt.


will be given scrub sets by the Costume Department.  We have a specific color palette that we want to use so any personal scrubs will not work.
You should bring with you comfortable shoes like light colored sneakers, Crocks and other medical profession slip on shoes.  
Also please bring layering items that could be worn under your scrub tops.  Long sleeve tees and short sleeve tees.  We ask that these items be light in color.  Grey, pale blue, pale green, tan, cream would all be great. 
Final note:  Please wear light colored under garments as the scrubs that you will be wearing are either white or a light color.  No dark underwear or underwear with a bold graphic, please. 

Should bring several options of the following:
long sleeve dress shirts and blouses
dress slacks / skirts / dresses
cardigan sweaters / sweater vests / light weight pullover sweaters
ties for the men
simple accessories for the women

Thanks in advance to everyone for coming to work with us.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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