Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wednesday 10/31 BRODY HOUSE

Hello and welcome.  Following you will find the information that you need for your role as a Background Player on Wednesday, 10/31.

Everyone should come dressed in your first, best option based on the descriptions below.  Please bring your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!

FBI AGENTS Returning from 10/26  should bring exactly the same thing that you wore when you worked last Friday, 10/26.  This is an exact match to the scenes that you were in on that day.  If you were given clothing by the Costume Dept, you will recieve the same items.

FBI AGENTS  should bring and wear choices of dark suits (black, navy, dark grey) and light colored dress shirts in white, cream, tan, light grey.  Also dark ties with only subtle pattern.  Don't forget your black dress shoes and belts.

FBI AGENTS will also become CAMERAMEN/PHOTOGRAPHERS later in the day.  Please read the following descriptions and bring options of the things that you find listed there.

NEWS CAMERAMAN/ PHOTOGRAPHERS/  SOUND MEN  should wear and bring a mix of dark clothing to include non-ripped dark jeans, dark cargo pants, dark slacks, dark long and short sleeve pull over shirts, dark long and short sleeve button front shirts, dark hoodies, dark vests and light weight jackets and dark sport coats.  These could be black, grey, navy, dark brown, etc.  This is a layered, more casual look.  Don't forget the dark shoes and belts to go with your options.

REPORTERS should bring and wear options to include suits, sport coats/slacks and skirts, nice long sleeve button front shirts/blouses, polos, light weight jackets and windbreakers, khakis/slacks/skirts, trench coats.  Don't forget your dress and casual shoes to work with your clothing options.

The CAMERAMEN/PHOTOGRAPHERS/SOUND MEN AND REPORTERS will be shooting outside the Brody House.  You should do what you need to stay warm.  The easiest is to wear thermal or silk underwear and warm, thick socks or hose if you are a woman.  You may bring coats to stay warm while off camera, but if it doesn't work with your costume look you will have to take it off while shooting.  If you think that you will need things to stay warm while shooting you must bring them for yourselves.  The Costume Dept will not be providing warming clothes.

Thank you in advance for coming to work with us and for bringing your great clothes.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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