Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hello and welcome.  Following you will find the information that you need in your role as a Background Player on Monday, 10/29

Everyone should read carefully all instructions and categories that apply to you.

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below and bring your other options for us to look at and make the final decisions.  Please bring all your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!!!!

The scene we are shooting is a Memorial service.  The director was emphatic that this is not a funeral, saying that there are differences in the way people would dress for a funeral and for a memorial service.  The distinctions, if any, are not clear to me.  Therefore, to give the director what he wants, not knowing exactly what that is, I am going to ask for some pretty specific options from everyone.  These are things that you all probably have, I just need to have these options come with you on the day.

SECRET SERVICE / CIA SECURITY GUARDS  should wear and bring choices of dark suits (black, dark grey and navy), long sleeve white dress shirts and dark ties.  Ties can have some pattern and design, just nothing too bold or striking.  These ties should be quiet..  Don't forget your black dress shoes and belt to go with your suits.

MILITARY BRASS  will be given the uniforms that you were fit in on Friday.  You should bring with you a plain white undershirt and a black pair of socks, if you are male.  You should bring a pair of nude hose, if you are female

CYNTHIA WALDEN'S FRIENDS & FEMALE MEMORIAL GUESTS should wear and bring upscale, dark clothing.  Dresses, two piece skirt suits and pant suits, pashminas and wraps, jackets and cardigans that could work with your dresses.  We do not want everyone in all black.  Please bring black and things other than black.  Navy, dark grey and other dark colors that are appropriately somber would be great options to bring.  Blouses for your suits I am going to be more specific about.  You should bring a white or cream colored option and an option in a soft color like pale blue, pink, etc.  Also please bring an option that has some small detail or pattern, like a stripe or subtle graphic.  Shoes should be conservative and appropriate for the occasion.  Jewelry should also be conservative.  This is a Washington D C Memorial service and you are the Society women, Senators and other special D C ladies.  The look is conservative and traditional.  Think St John, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc.

MALE MEMORIAL GUESTS should wear and bring choices of a dark suit in black, navy, dark grey, etc.  I need for everyone to specifically bring the following for your shirt options.  A white or cream colored choice, a choice in a pale color like light blue, pink, tan, etc, and an option that has a stripe or subtle check.  For your ties choices we would like to see ties that have some appropriate color like burgundy, greens, blues (nothing too bright), and some darker ties like black, navy, grey, etc.  We are wanting everyone to be able to look more somber if necessary or a bit more colorful if necessary.  This will keep us from having everyone look exactly alike.  Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belt to work with your options.  Remember, this is a Memorial service in Washington D C and you men are the Senators and Congressmen, Lobbyists and other movers and shakers.  The look is conservative and traditional.  Think Brooks Bros.

CIA ANALYSTS / SUITS / TECHS should be dressed for the Memorial service and not in the more casual clothing that we normally do in the CIA.  We are saying that anyone in the building would be planning on attending the service, thus dressed appropriately.  If it becomes necessary to have you change your clothing, the options that you bring from the descriptions above will allow us to make a change while having the right look.

Thanks in advance for coming to join us and for bringing all your great clothing.  We look forward to working with you and will see you on the set!!

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