Monday, October 29, 2012

Tuesday 10/30 D C BAR / ESTES' HOUSE

Hello and welcome everyone.  Following you will find the things that you need to bring for your role as a Background Player for Tuesday, 10/30.

Everyone should come dressed in your first best choice based on the descriptions below.  Please bring your clothing options in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!

BARTENDERS AND WAITRESSES should wear and bring choices of: 
dark, non-ripped nice jeans
plain, solid black tee shirts with no writing or logos.  Both long and short sleeve
plain, solid black polo shirts with no obvious logos
plain black long sleeve button front shirts/blouses
black sneakers or other types of black casual shoes with closed toe.
black socks
black belts

BAR PATRONS & BAR PATRONS W/ CARS should wear and bring several options of:
long sleeve casual button front shirts/blouses
long sleeve casual pullover shirts/blouse
long and short sleeve tees with no artwork or logos
light weight jackets/cardigans and other sweaters/hoodies
nice, non-ripped jeans
khakis/cargo pants/skirts
casual shoes that will work with your clothing choices
caps with no logos would make good options if you have them
Women, bring a handbag that will work with your clothing options

The bar is a casual hangout.  We are playing this as Fall and our actors will be in Fall clothing so please bring choices of the above clothing so that we can layer everyone up and get that Fall look.

QUINN'S 4 YEAR OLD SON should wear and bring several options of the following:
Note:  The clothing cannot have any recognizable logos or artwork.  For example: no Disney or Sponge Bob, etc
long and short sleeve shirts
long pants/jeans/cords
shoes and socks for the clothing options
Also, please bring some PJ's or other sleeping clothing, also without any logos or artwork.
These clothes should be casual, around the house clothes, and shouldn't be too put together.  Just bring lots of options and we will put it all together.

Thanks in advance to everyone for coming to work with us and for bringing your great clothes.  We look forward to seeing you on the set!!

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