Thursday, September 19, 2013

9/20 MOTEL

Hello everyone.  Tomorrow we are playing a small hotel out in the middle of nowhere.  This is not a no-tell motel, but it is not the Ritz Carlton either!! :)  Let's call it a country inn.  So casual, interesting, not too crazy up-scale  First some housekeeping, then read the descriptions for your categories.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME!!  You first have to check in with the ADs before we can begin to check your wardrobe.  Every moment that you are late is less time we have to make you look fantastic for the camera..... your choice :-)

*We will be playing two different screen days.  One during the day and one at night.  You will need enough choices for two different looks, and the night scene is a good place for layers like light weight jackets and sweaters. 

*Always come dressed in your first, best choice of the look described.  This helps us with time in the mornings.We will be choosing all of your looks in the morning.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!  

*Please bring all of your options for the day with you when you check in in the morning.  You should always bring at least three options of the looks described; one that you are wearing and at least two others.  

*We are shooting Late Spring.  Your choices should have both and long and short sleeve options.  They should also include light weight layers such as cardigans, light weight windbreakers, etc.
We would prefer the colors of Spring; softer, more muted colors, and neutral colors like navy, tan, grey, burgundy. Not the bright, bold colors of Summer.

HOTEL GUESTS W/ CARS  should wear and bring a mix of casual  and dress casual clothing. 
polo shirts
casual long and short sleeve button front shirts and blouses
khaki type pants / nice non ripped basic jeans.  Not too designer-y and not skinny jeans
casual skirts
cardigan sweaters
light weight jackets/windbreakers
casual shoes and belts to work with your clothing choices.
jewelry and other accessories should be simple.
If you have hats or cap without logos please bring them as well.  

If you have interesting or quirky luggage, bring your clothing choices in that and perhaps it will be your prop luggage as well.

Thanks in advance for being with us and for bringing all the great stuff.  We look forward to working with you and will see you on the set!

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