Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello and welcome.  Following find the instructions for what to bring for you work on Tuesday 10/1.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME!!  You first have to check in with the ADs before we can begin to check your wardrobe.  Every moment that you are late is less time we have to make you look fantastic for the camera..... your choice :-)

Unless you are wearing a uniform, which will be indicated below, everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below and bring your other options for us to look at and make the final decisions.  Please bring all your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!!!!  

EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS:  You should bring with you long thermal underwear and a coat to keep you warm when you are off camera.  The Costume Dept will have these things for our Principle Actors but will not have enough for all of you as well.  You do not have to wear them if you don't need them, but you should bring them just in case.  Don't say we didn't warn you :-)

JSOC TASK FORCE will be given your costume by the Costume Dept.  Please wear anything of your own that you wore today.  We have to match everything the rest of the week.

IRANIAN SOLDIERS  will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept.  You should bring with you a clean pair of black socks.

IRAQI COP   will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept.  You should bring with you a clean pair of black socks and a black tee shirt.

Please wear and bring several options of traditional Middle Eastern clothing like
shamaqs and other style head wraps
Also please bring a mix of western style clothing like:
long sleeve button front shirts
jeans and other type pants
jackets and vests

Thanks in advance for being with us and for bringing all the great stuff.  We look forward to working with you and we will see you on the set.

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