Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello and welcome.  Following you will find instructions for what to bring for today's work.

I apologize for the late posting.  I thought this had loaded last night, but it failed to do so.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME!!  You first have to check in with the ADs before we can begin to check your wardrobe.  Every moment that you are late is less time we have to make you look fantastic for the camera..... your choice :-)

*Always come dressed in your first, best choice of the look described.  This helps us with time in the mornings.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!   You should always bring at least three options of the looks described; one that you are wearing and at least two others.  

*We are shooting Spring.  Your choices should have both and long and short sleeve options.  They should also include light weight layers such as cardigans, light weight windbreakers, etc.
We would prefer the colors of Spring; softer, more muted colors, rather that the bright, bold colors of Summer.

Dark Business suits  Both skirt and pant suits
Conservative dresses with sleeves
Long and short sleeve dress shirts/blouses
Conservative sweaters/sweater sets/shells to wear with or without a jacket
Conservative scarves/accessories
Shoes that are appropriate for your clothing options

MALE AIDE  should bring several options of the following:
Dark Suits
Sport coats/blazers
khakis/ dress slacks
long sleeve dress shirts
Conservative ties that are not too bold.
dress shoes and belts to work with your options

Thanks for being with us today and for bringing the great stuff.  We look forward to working with you and will see you on the set!

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