Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello everyone. Following you will find instructions for what to bring with you to the CIA HEADQUARTERS, tomorrow, Tuesday 11/8.

We are shooting the Fall. The color palette and weight of the clothing should reflect the season. Texture and pattern are great, just nothing too bold or busy.

We will be shooting parts of two episodes tomorrow so everyone should bring enough of the following items that will allow us to pull two or three outfits. Also, because we are shooting different episodes and screen days, I would like the option of dressing everyone just a bit different, if necessary.

Everyone, regardless of your role should bring choices of all of the following:

business suits, dress shirts/blouses, ties
sport coats/blazers, slacks and skirts
casual long sleeve button front shirts and blouses
sweaters, pullover and cardigan style, sweater vests
khakis and jeans
hoodies, light weight jackets and pullover casual shirts
Don't forget the shoes that will work with all of your options

Thanks in advance for bringing the right things. See you on the set!!

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