Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to HOMELAND. Those of you who have worked with us before know how this works....for those of you who have not, this is how we do it....

Following you will find specific instructions about the things that you should wear and bring for the roles that you will be playing. You will also find general info for the day and helpful hints that will make everyone's life, including your own, easier.

FIRST THINGS FIRST....IF YOU WORKED LAST WEEK, WHATEVER THE ROLE, YOU SHOULD WEAR THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN THIS WEEK!!! We are shooting more of the same thing, so everyone needs to be dressed just as they were last week. This is very important!

If you did not work with us last week, read on for the instructions for the day........

We are playing the current season and weather. Fall and a bitty chilly. The colors that you choose should reflect the season. No overly bright or saturated colors that you typically see in the summer. Pattern and texture are good, just nothing too bold or busy. Please refrain from bringing clothing with large, obvious logos and/0r artwork.

Everyone should bring several choices of the clothing that is described for your character to bring. This helps us put together the best overall look for everyone. When packing your things please try to pack them as neatly as possible.

Now for a couple of general notes. These are very important!!
1. Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice of the clothing described for your character. You should bring your other options with you, but should be dressed for your role when you arrive. This will help us get everyone processed much quicker. Of course, if you are playing one of the uniformed roles, you will be given a costume from the Costume Dept.

2. It is supposed to be chilly. High around 60. You will not be allowed to wear a heavy winter coat on camera as they are too heavy for our season. Light weight jackets worn in Fall will be allowed and asked for. Everyone should come prepared with thermal underwear or silks that can be worn under your clothing to keep you warm. This includes anyone who will be getting a uniform. Women, pantyhose and tights are very helpful in this way, as I'm sure you already know.

3. When you arrive at extras holding you will be asked to sit with the other people of the category that you are playing. It is very important that you sit with and stay with your specified group until everyone has been checked by the Costume Dept.

Now for the costume information........

DC COPS, FPS, SWAT will be receiving your costumes from the Costume Dept. Everyone should bring with you a white, short sleeve crew neck tee shirt and black socks. Don't forget your thermals.

SECRET SERVICE Should all wear and bring choices of dark suits: black, navy or grey. These should be simple suits free of a lot of pattern like bold pin striping or plaids. Subtle is fine. Men should all have a white, long sleeve button front dress shirt. This shirt should have a plain collar, no button-down collars. Women should be in a simple white, button front longs sleeve blouse. Ties should be dark in color: black, grey, navy, burgundy, dark green, etc. They should also be simple in pattern and tone. Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belts to go with your suits. Bring your long underwear!

CAMERAMEN should wear and bring casual clothing choices to include non-ripped jeans, khakis, cargo pants, long sleeve button front and pullover shirts/blouses. Also include things light light weight jackets, hoodies, pullover/zip front fleece vests. Caps and knitted caps without logos would be great for this look. This is a layered look and this will also help with keeping everyone warm. Don't forget the appropriate shoes, and your thermal underwear.

REPORTERS should wear and bring choices of business suits in darker colors like black, navy, brown, grey, etc. Light colored shirts and blouses light light blue, tan, cream, light grey. Ties can have color but should be simple in terms of design and pattern. Women may certainly bring scarves and other accessories that will individualize their look. Jewelry should be small, simple and sophisticated. Don't forget the appropriate shoes and belts for your clothing choices. Don't leave your long underwear behind!

GAWKERS/ONLOOKERS & GAWKERS WITH CARS should all wear and bring nice casual clothing choices to include nice, non-ripped jeans, khakis, slacks and skirts. Also choices of long sleeve button front and pullover shirts and blouses. Light weight pullover sweaters and cardigans. Please remember the color palette mentioned above and to refrain from article's with obvious logos and artwork. Everyone should bring light weight, Fall jackets. Don't forget the shoes/boots to go with your clothing choices. Reminder once again to bring your thermal underwear.

BUNKER MEN AND WOMEN AND MILITARY BRASS have mostly already been established. There are a couple of you that may be replacing someone from last week that is unavailable. Non-military men should bring dark business suits and nice ties. Suits should be black, navy or grey. No brown, please. Ties can have color and but the patterns should be relatively simple. You are meant to be powerful politicians and so, should dress the part. All of you, men and women, should bring thermal underwear/silks/pantyhose-tights to wear under your chosen costume. You will not be wearing coats on camera and these things will help to keep you warm.

MIDDLE EASTERN BARBER should come with a pair of nice non-ripped denim jeans, a pair of black or dark slacks and black or dark shoes. Also, bring what you would wear in Iraq when you were a barber there.

Thanks to everyone in advance for bringing the right things, and for returning with what you wore last week, and being dressed in your first, best choice when you arrive. We look forward to meeting and working with you.
See you on the Set!!!!!

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