Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hello everyone. We are winding it down! Following you will find instructions for what to bring for Monday, 11/7

Most everyone has been established and will be wearing what they wore when we shoot last downtown last week. The series of scenes where the sniper was shooting at everyone. Some of you also worked the next day at the Mansion. If you are not sure what you wore on which location, please just bring it all and we will look at the photos and sort it out. Remember, this is a direct match, meaning that what we shoot tomorrow will take place immediately after everyone ran inside. It has to match exactly!!

There are a couple of you that may be new tomorrow. Here's what you should bring:

CONGRESSMAN (Replacement) should bring choices of dark business suits in navy, black or grey. White shirts and ties that look like a lawyer or politician. Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belt to go with your choices.

1 STAR GENERAL (Replacement) will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept. Please bring a white short sleeve undershirt and black socks with you.

SECRET SERVICE should all be repeating from last week. Please wear the exact same thing. If you did not work last week you should bring a dark suit of black, navy or grey, a white shirt with a non-button down collar, and a dark tie without too much pattern. Don't forget your dark dress shoes and belt.

Thanks in advance to everyone for bringing the same things that you wore last week, and a good attitude! We appreciate all the work that the Background Players do and what you bring to the show. We could not do it without you! See you on the set.

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