Friday, June 28, 2013


Welcome everyone.  Thanks for joining us!  This shouldn't take too long as there are not that many of you for Monday.  Following please find instructions and descriptions of the things that we would like for you to bring for your role as a Background Player.

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below and bring your other options for us to look at and make the final decisions.  Please bring all your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!!!!  

GARDENER  should wear and bring choices of khaki pants, work boots, a white short sleeve undershirt, dark socks and a belt.  We will give you a work shirt to complete your costume.

FRANKLIN'S DRIVER  should wear and bring options dark suits, a white long sleeve dress shirt with a non-button down collar and a dark tie.  Please don't forget your black belt and dress shoes to work with your clothing.

MARINES will be given a uniform by the Costume Dept.  You should bring with you a pair of athletic socks.  Please leave any earrings, big fancy watches or other jewelry at home.  This way you will not run the risk of losing them when we ask you to take them off.... which we most certainly will. :-)  Wedding rings are fine.
Two of you Marines have been chosen to be Runners.  If this is you please also bring dark running shorts, a light colored tee (grey, tan, etc), athletic ankle socks and crew socks and of course, running shoes.  We would prefer the running shoes not be too bright in color, but something more dark or neutral.  If you are a boxer brief wearer, you should bring a more, um, supportive underwear while you are running.  A brief, perhaps.

Thanks in advance for joining us on Monday and for bringing all the things that you will need.  We look forward to working with you and we will...... See you on the Set!

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