Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello to everyone.  We are still at the County Hospital.  There are some new categories of Background players for the day so it will at least look a bit different.

We will be matching on Friday of this week, 6/28.  So if you are working tomorrow and are also booked to work on Friday, please remember to bring exactly what you wear tomorrow.

We are shooting only one screen day tomorrow.

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below and bring your other options for us to look at and make the final decisions.  Please bring all your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!!!!  

ADMINISTRATOR should wear and bring a dark suit, slacks/skirt and sport coat/blazer, light colored dress shirts/blouses, ties, dress belt and shoes to work with your clothing options.

NURSES / ORDERLIES/ MED TECH  will be given scrub sets by the Costume Department.  We have a specific color palette that we want to use so any personal scrubs that you have may not work.  You should bring with you comfortable shoes like light colored sneakers, Crocks and other medical profession slip on shoes.  Also please bring things that could be worn under or over your scrub tops.  This could mean long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees and cardigan sweaters.  We ask that these items by light in color.  Grey, pale blue, pale green, tan, cream would all be great.  Final note:  Please wear light colored under garments as the scrub colors that we are using are either white or light in color.

DOCTORS should bring options of nice business casual to wear under the lab coats given to you by the Costume Department.  Long sleeve button front shirts and blouses in lighter colors like blue, cream, grey, yellow, etc.  These could have some soft pattern such as a light check or stripe, but nothing too bold.  Ties for the men should be neutral and not to bright in color.  Don't forget your belts and shoes to work with your clothing options.

PSYCH PATIENTS  should bring a selection of casual sleepwear and lounge wear.  Since this is a county hospital the patients would not have much money.  Let's just say that a patient in this hospital would not be worried about whether their outfit matched.  
Please bring things like lounge pants, track pants, nightgowns that are at least knee length, tees, old robes, hoodies and sweatshirts, old comfortable button front shirts and old pajamas.  Also bring things like worn out house slippers, shower shoes and other "comfortable" type shoes.  
The colors for these things should be soft and faded and not new looking. Pale colors like pink, blue, yellow, lavender, grey, tan, etc.  No bright, trendy colors.  
Some of you will be given hospital gowns to wear under your robes, etc.  Both males and females should wear light colored underwear so as not to show through a hospital gown.  White, cream, nude, basic things.  Ladies please no lacy bras or other underthings.  Simple, simple, simple.  You are welcome to bring light colored gym shorts and tank tops to wear under hospital gowns for modesty.

VISITORS  Obviously, we want the visitors to look different than the patients.  Since the patients will be wearing what we all think of as "comfortable" clothes, we would like the VISITORS to wear nice casual clothing.
Button front casual long sleeve shirts and blouses
Khaki pants, slacks, skirts
Pullover sweaters, sweater vests,
Light weight jackets, windbreakers
Casual sport coats and blazers
Casual shoes and accessories that work with your choices.  Ladies the jewelry should be simple and handbags should be basic and not too trendy.
The color palette should be one of neutrals like navy, burgundy, dark green, tan, grey, etc.  Texture and pattern like plaids and stripes are fine, just nothing too bold.  In truth, if you are visiting a family member in this hospital, you might not be dressed in all the latest finery.  Keep your clothing choices simple and understated, but make the clothes things that you might be able to wear to work on Casual Friday.

DC COPS will be given costumes by the Costume Department.  You should bring with you a white, short sleeve crew neck undershirt, black socks and solid black sneakers or ankle boots.

Thank you in advance for bringing all the great stuff.  We look forward to working with you and we will....
See you on the Set!!

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