Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello and welcome.  Following you will find the information for what you need to bring with you for your work at the CIA.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME!!  You first have to check in with the ADs before we can begin to check your wardrobe.  Every moment that you are late is less time we have to make you look fantastic for the camera..... your choice :-)

Everyone should come dressed in their first, best choice based on the descriptions below and bring your other options for us to look at and make the final decisions.  Please bring all your clothing in with you when you check in.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN THE CAR!!!!!!!  

We are shooting Late Spring.  Please make sure that you have long sleeve options in your choices that are befitting of an indoor office setting.  Color palette is one of neutrals in medium to dark range.
Navy, Grey, burgundy, tan, taupe, brown, black, etc.  Please stay away from the very bold colors and bold patterns.

If you worked on EP 310 in the OPS Room on 9/25-27, please bring what you wore with you then as it will be a match.

CIA JR & SR ANALYSTS are the mid range of dress at the CIA.  You should bring several options of the following:
Sport coats/blazers
Long and short sleeve casual and dress shirts/blouses
Polo shirts
Pullover light weight sweaters and cardigan style sweaters

Don't forget your shoes and other accessories to go with these options.

Thanks in advance for being with us and bringing the good stuff.  We will...see you on the set!

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